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Vietnam- Beautiful beaches, tropical weather and nightly fireworks

I grew up in a rough neighborhood

U.S. Artillery T-Shirt #military #AATC

Marines with 1st Battalion, 12th Marine Regiment, fire the M777A2 155mm howitzer April 17 in support of a combined arms live-fire exercise at Rodriguez Live-Fire Complex during Korean Marine Exchange Program 13-5, part of Ssang Yong 13. (U.S. Marine Corps photo by Lance Cpl. Jose D. Lujano/ Released)

Video: Epic Super Slow Motion Excalibur Artillery Round Percision Strikes

U.S. Army Field Artillery School..Fort Sill, OK.



On the way

An Israeli Merkava firing note the round just visible leaving the barrel

1968 Khe Sanh

1967-07 Vietnam - arty FOs Sgt and Muller waiting to go on night patrol from Caroline camp near Trang Bang

M998 Hummer with M102 105mm Howitzer

M40 155mm SPG/5

M40 155mm SPG/4

M107, Vietnam/3

M107, Vietnam/2

M107, Vietnam

M109A6 Paladin

M109A6 Paladin/2

M110 203mm SPG

M110 203mm SPG/2

M110 in South Korean Service

M59 155mm artillery gun - Long Tom

M59 155mm artillery gun - Long Tom/2