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coconutdaisy:this is so cute (Source: Flickr / anthonyasael)

Bundle of cuteness!!!

they look good together.. but i can't forget that she cheated on him...

Got a pineapple on ma head but don't call me a pineapple head

<3 yellow & blue color - sunshine & blue skies :)



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Una suerte de constructivismo fotográfico actual* - Rafael Craice *porque constructivismo moderno es medio redundante

"a beary winter tale" ---- [*Perro*]~[Photo by dewollewei (Cees) - January 16 2012]'h4d'121006: Sheep Dogs, Pet, Old English Sheepdog, Old English Sheep Dog, Friend, Beary Winter, Animal

this is why all kids should have a dog! learn unconditional love, responsibility, and unfortunately the enviable heart ache of loss! life lessons aren't always easy but the reward of having unconditional love is a far better gain I think!


Paulo Remèdios by B&W SOULVISION, via Flickr

por vezes somos abandonados

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His eyes tell all, he has gone through a hard life! Looks like a wise man!