saying goodbye

Cute to remember little things about the pregnancy!! Aww


Fun good-byes!

love these sayings.

good-bye poem

''Pinner said: Totally just did this and merida called me. Great for babysitting (:''

My baby...


Wow, I wish my mom had used these guidelines when raising me! Instead throughout my childhood and teenage years she tried her best to turn someone who was happy as in introvert into an extrovert. The result was being in constant anxiety and misery. At least I know to respect my children (when I have them), whether they are an introvert like me, or an extrovert like their Daddy. ♥

seuss for kids room

Dice with emotions & animals-kids have to act out. A great rainy day game for the kids!

Cute "Five Little Monkeys" printable with monkeys and alligator pics that can be used on a flannel board or for visuals with the song.

Be a leader, not a boss.

Cute sayings.....Would be very cute in a children's room.

anti bully. think