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Seriously - why do I have to press 1 for english at all.how about press 1 for NOT english!

HAHAHAHAHA!! Story of my life

Aahahaha so true!

There is nothing quite like turning into a fucking ninja because a piece of your own hair landed on your arm and you thought it was a spider.

Hair spider - All the time lol


Thats a painful moment jaja.

teaching interrupting you

Inspiring image ecard, funny, lol, this is the life, work - Resolution - Find the image to your taste


You have on sweats, no makeup and messy hair and suddenly it’s a reunion.

Yes!! -- and stop asking me about me when I'm gonna have children. It's nunya business!!

Vacations win with me every time

This is for all my sad and depressed followers, eat all the sad away honey  ✌

Most things can be improved by one of five things: cheese, bbq sauce, melted butter, ranch dressing, or chocolate. Minus the BBQ sauce.

Sad but true.

Napkins - Anne Taintor Medicine Funny Cocktail Beverage Need These!

Soooo true! My husband is amazing for putting up with this from me!

Free and Funny Reminders Ecard: Anything you say will be used against you, in an argument, 11 months from now. Because I'm a woman, and we never forget anything. Ever.