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and some things - and people - i miss so much. Some, i do not.

every day.

John Green

Mr. Darcy.

This goes out to my three oldest children who for their own reasons aren't talking to me right now. I want them to know that no matter what they will always be in my heart and I will love them so much, so deeply and so fiercely and honor the amazing people they have become. Brian, Rachel and Jason Tate, I love you is too weak of a phrase for what your mother holds in her heart for you!


Key to failure


never give up.

Truly words to live by.

Never forget that your true family is the one you choose to love and the ones who choose to love you.

This quote literally changed my life 8 years ago.

If I had done this I might've had more respectful teenagers, lol!

gotta be me.

Emily Dickinson

every days goal followed by what really happens

lead me to my truest home.

My person is Jannette. Our bond is stronger than any I've had with men or children, parents or any others. She's just my person...who's yours?

♥ 'nough said, my love.

This makes me cry....

Quick check your face...

Quick check your face...

So true, so true!


ahhh yeahhh :) loving my friends!