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  • Anna

    NFC Gumball Machine by Razorfish - Emerging Experiences. Instead of sweets its full of apps, music etc. Check out the blog post -

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SOUND ON INTUITION by owow. Music on intuition is a project consisting of five instruments that translate your movement into sound. Imagine making a waving motion with your arm would result into a waving sound. When you want to hit a high note, you literally have to reach high, or that tapping your foot or finger would be translated into a rhythm , and that the tempo of that rhythm would be controlled by your heart beat.

This project combines the collective talents of musicians, dancers, programmers, designers and animators to create an amazing visual instrument.

Change the tune by Michael Robinson. We have a shared music machine in our studio. Anyone can put anything on they want at any time, no rules. It’s a democratic system that seems to work 99% of the time. But occasionally the system fails and that’s what inspired me to build this poster. Built as an R project at www.agencyrepubli...

Munken Works by MUNKEN WORKS. directed and produced by JUNO, Music by Oskar & Oskar (Bosworth Music GmbH).

This is incredible. Watch the Sound Bottle in action. Created by Jun Fujiwara, the MITSUBISHI CHEMICAL JUNIOR DESIGNER AWARD winner in 2012.

To proceed bARCODE BAND project, we worked together to unfold our ideas and WOONJINKANG took charge of sounds and filming, YOUGDUK KIM designed structure of Musicbox, HALIM LEE designed instrument graphics on the box.

Husbands - "Dream" Video directed by Cauboyz contact: mailto:marguerite... Lara Sheidt +33 681 511 363 Microphone Recordings 2013

audible color by Momo Miyazaki. audible color is an audio-visual instrument. Sound is generated based on color detected by a camera. Red, green and blue correspond with certain music notes. When the colors are mixed, the resulting secondary colors produce different notes. The size of the colors influences the volume and frequency of the notes played. Color detection and sound generation were created and are controlled using Processing code.

LIFE by Sebas and Clim. We launched Life to celebrate our first studio anniversary. Something to have fun with and to explore a new style in design, edition and animation.

Turn your body into a music mixer with a Kinect hack