Cut the silhouette of Peter out (or a fairy) and tape it to the top of the lampshade. I will be doing this one day! I LOVE THIS IDEA!

3 cool silhouette lampshade ideas DIY

This is pretty much the coolest light idea ever. I wish I had somewhere in my home to hang a few of these. The bowler hat table lamp is amazing, too!

Kids room.

a boys room must

Personalized letter for a kids' room

Great idea for all the stuffed animals! I'm not letting my girls collect this many though! :)

birds lamp

I would have loved this as a kid...

Peter Pan's Shadow was created by putting a cutting of Peter Pan over the top of the lamp shade so when it was turned on the “shadow” was on the wall.

I think I will paint this on one of my walls.

ariel+themed+nursery | Peter Pan Mural, Tinkerbell,Disney Mural,Cinderella,fairy,Princess ...

What an awesome idea!

Awesome idea (scribbles framed by shape).

Modern furniture to put style at home into your kids room... Some luxury furniture to give glamour and design ideas to inspire you!!! All this in Top 5 ideas for disney inspired bedrooms | Room Decor Ideas | From:

Rain gutter bookshelves - playroom or by kids' beds

road trip with smart! Lots of good ideas with this link. This is good for anyone! I will remember this one day!

Fairy lights in curtains....

LOVE for a little boys room!!

Buy cheap floor length mirror and glue to a door frame. Love many of this sites other repurposing ideas.