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Look at me.... I will never be a purrfect bride, or a purrfect daughter. Can it be... I'm not meant to play this part?

Shironeko (かご猫, literally “White Cat”) is a Turkish van cat, (sometimes called Basket Cat) and his marmalade friend... in a basket.

Mommy and baby by fofurasfelinas on Flickr - via: magicalnaturetour: - Imgend

This is kind of my kitty. incidentally, while my cats are vicious mousers... they adopted a pet rat as one of their own. go figure

Mama cat with her tiny babies! #cats #kittens

* * KITTEN: " Ya know ma, if humans just went around naked and licked demselves clean, they could save dem selves all dat 'laundry' work."

No words. I just get flutter by bumps and feel so much emotion at the magnificence of this moment ❤tami

I read when a kitty rubs it's face against you, it is because they want to deposit their scent on you so the rest of the world knows to stay away because this belongs to me!

Kiska and her kittens - by Christine Gittings