"Oh............ I see you're home early."

Think it says a lot about me that I found this so funny!

I'm 100% positive this dog is innocent.. LOL! www.jeffreymarkell.com #orangecountyrealtor #luxury #funnystuff

Seth Casteel, the author of Underwater Dogs. Very cool guy helping rescue pets! Check out podcast episode 137 at www.tppc.tv.

cat? ...what cat?



funny cats and dogs

12 Animal Memes That Make Us LOL: Just about everywhere you turn there's a silly animal meme: advice animals, grumpy cats, and puns galore. #meme check out WWW.FAILIOUS.COM for funny things.


i wonder....

too funny

so cute!

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Cute Animals with Captions | animal pictures with captions, lolcats, i did not enjoy this

"Lisa Frank's early days." <--THIS

Me When I See Dogs

Pit Bulls are such vicious attack dogs. Once a pitbull was licking a coworker and I had to break it up. I even got licked in the process! From 32 Pictures That Will Make You Say Awwwwwwww

Too Funny

Who could have done that ?

Can't stop laughing