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An X-ray showing a spear that has pierced through the head of 16-year-old Yasser Lopez is seen in this handout photo from Jackson Memorial Hospital in Miami, Florida. Lopez was spear fishing with a friend when he was accidentally shot in the head. The spear entered just above his right eye, and penetrated through his brain to the back of his skull. Miraculously, no vital brain structures were damaged by the harpoon, and Lopez is recovering from the incident.

Sajal Biswas, 40, a snake charmer puts the head of a snake into his mouth as he performs at a roadside to earn his livelihood on the outskirts of Agartala, capital of India's northeastern state of Tripura.

Tips on how to shoot fireworks on the Fourth: See a gallery of firework pictures from Central Florida theme parks from Sentinel photographer Joe Burbank -- plus tips on how to photograph the nighttime pyrotechnics with your own camera.

Alison Hinks Yogafrom Alison Hinks Yoga

I love me some skeletons

X-ray yoga.

Long exposures for mysterious effects: As a photographer, you have a lot of creative latitude when capturing a subject. The camera as a tool allows you to choose how to capture the moment. Do you want to freeze the moment and stop action, or show the passage of time?

Dreamlike visions from the shore - Photographer shows the beauty of long exposure photos of a seascape in Smyrna Dunes Park in New Smyrna Beach at sunrise.

I wish that was me walking along a white, sandy beach!

The famous Maltese underwater statue of Jesus Christ was made by Maltese sculptor Alfred Camilleri Cauchi. It was originally sunk in 1990 in Malta, near St. Paul’s Islands and blessed by Pope John Paul to protect the fishermen of Malta.