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Vintage/Retro Misc. 1959 GM Firebird III   jj

‘The Cadillac Cyclone 1959 is a concept car built in 1959 by the Cadillac Division of General Motors. The Cyclone was never mass-produced as a production model.

The 1955 Ford Mystere promised a push button starter, a radio telephone, a flip-over steering wheel that allowed it to be driven from either of the swiveling front seats, and a gas turbine engine under the rear deck. This would be replaced three years later by a ‘small nuclear reactor’ in the extraordinary Ford Nucleon.

=-=Original Reliant Scimitar GTE Advert from 1969 - Sports Car Ad Advertisement 1955 Ford Mystere - concept car Custom Cars I want this car .

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Auburn Boat Tail Speedster have been corrected on the details of this beauty. It is in reality an Auburn Boat Tail Speedster. They were produced between 1934 & 1936

Rare Cadillac Fleetwood V-16s Heading to Pebble Beach. For more, click http://www.autoguide.com/auto-news/2012/08/rare-cadillac-fleetwood-v-16s-heading-to-pebble-beach.html

Is it odd that I would choose a 1937 Cadillac Sixteen Custom Phaeton over a new Lamborghini?

Gene Winfield 1961 Cadillac

1961 Cadillac Gene Winfield Maybelline Custom 300 HP, Automatic for sale by Mecum Auction