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How redefining marriage affects your religious liberty.

MN church leaders defend marriage in an ecumenical show of support for the Minnesota Marriage Protection Amendment. (Sept. 18) “Our understanding of marriage between a man and a woman predates any government, or in fact, any religious denomination."

This does NOT mean that the Church hates gays. Men and women are complementary; marriage is between a man and a woman - it should not be redefined. Love is also not a feeling or emotion, but an act of the will. The Church teaches that we are all loved, regardless of whether we are in a romantic relationship or are married, or not. Because God is Love. In the Eucharist, we have the One who truly loves us living in us, and we in Him. If we receive Him worthily. No exceptions.

Examining the most common arguments for redefining marital unions ...and understanding why they are flawed

"The ultimate purpose of marriage is not to make us happy, but to glorify God." Because the the relationship of the Trinity.

Prayer: For Broken Marriages --- Dear Lord, The enemy is doing everything in his power to destroy the beautiful picture of marriage that You have created. Even among believers there is divorce, adultery, laziness, abuse and worse. There are many marriages that are so broken and f… Read More Here http://husbandrevolution.com/prayer-broken-marriages/ #marriage #love

More than 1,000 priests have signed a letter voicing alarm that same-sex marriage could threaten religious freedom in a way last seen during “centuries of persecution” of Roman Catholics in England. This is so frightening in light of the UK Government move to ban the wearing of a Crucifix in the workplace, etc etc! Read further on the blog.

Why You Should Pray For Your Family (And ALL Families!) #marriage

Marriage is sacred.

Top Dem Donor Calls For Violent Terrorizing Of Catholics, Destruction Of Church ..... I found this video and this woman VERY disturbing. These people are sick in the head! And I don't mean that as a figure of speech!(READ:NO HIGHER POWER, you'll get an eye opener into Obama's mandate,and understand clearly why so many churches are suing Administration re: Obamacare plus other religious rights that are being taken from us thru his Executive Orders...by csw)

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What you need to know about marriage. #1m1w

Marriage of Mary and Joseph

Pride vs. Humility in Marriage

Police tear-gas women and Children at Pro-Family/Traditional Marriage march in Paris. You wont here this on your national news (secular news Media suppressed this in Canada) Click Pic for info. http://www.lifesitenews.com/news/1.4-million-march-against-gay-marriage-in-france-police-tear-gas-crowd-chil -

For us.

St. John Chrysostom

Sex, Marriage, and Fairytales... This is beautiful.

Video and Audio clips produced by Matthew Arnold on a variety of Catholic topics

Catholic Speaker on Our Lady of Good Success - this is fascinating video

What same-sex "marriage" has done to Massachusetts