3 Reasons Why You're Probably Still Single Watching fireworks is fun but, it’s better if you have a significant other to watch them with, right? there may have been some things that you did to stop a romantic relationship from forming. That's right ladies, you could be sabotaging yourself.

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10 Tips How to Photograph Fireworks for Memorial Day, Fourth of July and New Year's Eve! via www.settingforfour.com

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❂ “He had only to touch me to turn my tears into sighs and my anger to desire. How accommodating love is; it forgives everything.” I Isabel Allende

4th of July Fireworks along the Snake River in Idaho Falls.


How to Photograph Fireworks. Great tips!


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That percussion from fireworks makes me want to pull my lover close and never let go. #FavoriteThings

Washington DC, 4th of July by beforethecoffee, via Flickr

4th of July Party Ideas

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I do this when he wakes up, before he goes to work,when he comes home from work, and when he goes to sleep....Sweet Kisses!

Fireworks on the Fourth of July ~ Cynthia Reccord

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