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    similar idea from Shari Sloane at www.kidscount1234.com (with recording sheet) : Place sight word stars on the ceiling and have students stretch out on their backs and look up. Sing a chant "Star light. Star bright. I can see and read the word ___." Student with a flashlight can shine it on a word and whole group records it. May be able to modify and to turn in to a small group station.

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Easy DIY leaf printing craft for kids via Kleas - paint a leaf with multiple colors then use it as a stamp

First Grade Wow: Daily Five Word Work Choice Ideas. can use with daily 5. link on site to google doc for activities

Hey, teachers can misbehave too. Maybe this would be good so my students can hold me accountable too!

Print this out. Studies have shown that telling kids they are smart, can actually cause them to not work as hard. Try this!

Password to enter the room: letter, shape, number, sight word, names Could also have a password journal where the kids write it each day

Whole Brain Teaching - Attention Please! {FREE}

Oooohhh.... Like this a lot!!! Do this if you finish math early...put inside math notebook

*FREE* Quick and easy notes to staple to unfinished work. Each note has a quick checklist, so that the teacher may note why the student has unfinished work. A blank has been provided for additional reasons/notes. Love this!!

AR point tracker - The Teachers' Cauldron: Classroom Organization

Sliding Into Second Grade: Classroom Management

Great supplemental packet for the Clip Chart in my class! Behavior Management Supplement Packet for Clip Chart

Plan Ahead for iPad Inclusion--As mobile devices and digital technology inundate our school buildings, consider some of these procedures to ensure a smoother implementation.

Painting activities for kids and toddlers


Writing Goal Board Students use post-its to self-edit each piece of writing for spacing, punctuation, capitalization, and sight word spelling

7-UP back to school

Punch holes in the papers of students who are off-task during group work. Gives you a reminder when assigning participation grades later without having to stop and make a note of the issue.

Straw blown art for kids. Make the paint dance across the paper! I have a feeling this could get *very* messy with my kids... something to do in the summer, though. Outside. lol

How to make your own silly paintbrushes (from the studio art blog at the Eric Carle Museum)

Pictionary For Kids

Say a word and students hold up which vowel sound they heard- great for quick assessment of which vowels they know/do not know!

Guided Reading Table Ideas...adorable seats and the wipe-offs (laminated construction paper!) are taped to table ready at all times. LOVE!

After School Routine Checklist - A very good idea to get in the habit of and feel awesome when you step into your room the next morning!

"I have buckets that I have transformed into seating for students that chose to work in there (great for ADHD and Autistic students)" Love this!

Tuesday Teacher Tips: Sub Plans with a #FREE Printable Sub Planner #FernSmithsClassroomIdeas #FREEBIE