Rear Window Panorama - Day

REAR WINDOW loop : a visual installation by Jeff Desom. based on footage from Alfred Hitchcock's "Rear Window"

secret window, david koepp

Writer/director David Koepp (l) and actor Johnny Depp on the set of Columbia Pictures' psychological thriller Secret Window.

Rear Window Blu-ray

Rear Window Blu-ray Starring James Stewart, Grace Kelly and Wendell Corey. A magazine photographer, housebound on account of a broken leg, becomes voyeur to the apartment building facing his rear window for lack of anything to.



Mais que font les voisins?

“Rear Window”

The Architecture of Thrill: How Hitchcock Inspires Spatial Effects,Rear Window Image Courtesy of Ethics Course, School of Architecture UIC

The Library by ~Blazko on deviantART

Warsaw University Library (Warsaw, Poland) I love it! It's my favourite place in Warsaw!