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  • Katelyn Oltmans

    One of my biggest pet peeves. No one should ever justify their body type, whether it be large or small, by criticizing someone else's.

  • Stephanie Patten

    It's equally as wrong & hurtful to call thin girls sickly or to say they aren't "real" women, as it is to call larger girls names. Pinterest is loaded full of "skinny isn't sexy" & "0 isn't a number" posters, interestingly enough, right alongside the millions of celebrity diet plans.. Why are women so cruel to each other? You can't love yourself until you stop hating everyone else.

  • SCE - Shammah's Creative Expressions

    STOP using the term "real women," referring to curvy girls. Tall skinny girls aren't imaginary. REGARDLESS of how a girl looks, ALL WOMEN ARE REAL WOMEN.

  • Heather Walker

    ALL women are REAL women. Regardless of appearance. A real woman is anyone who identifies herself as a woman. I get so tired of hearing one body type put down to boost another, or that men prefer one type to another. ALL women are beautiful, and men just like women, have different tastes depending on the person.

  • Emma Moyer

    Preach it! While curvy women are beautiful, skinny girls also exist and are just as beautiful. They aren't fake. "Real" men, or mature/wise and genuine men, would respect a woman for the way she is on the inside, and realize that physical characteristics alone are unnecessary when it comes to a relationship. And "real" women should not degrade another women as fake or invaluable simply because she has a different body type. (Sorry, I often go into rants when it comes to societal issues.) XD

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