#I want a floral pattern going up my rib cage. I like the contrast but not the colors #floral #tattoo #flowertattoo #flowertattoos

A similar idea to the half sleeve of flowers I want.

Cute back tattoo additions I like the idea of this whimsey scroll work but I'd like more realistic flowers with lots of color

I like the colors


great color

So pretty


watercolor flower tattoos | Coffey #flower tattoo #watercolor flower #watercolor tattoo #tattoo ...

flowers tattoo

I can't get over how pretty this is. One day I would love to have something similar.

pretty pretty pretty

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arestlessidealism: I received the preliminary sketch for my tattoo. It’s to be a bit of a shoulder cap, stopping before the collar bone and ending high on my upper arm. It will be done in an almost transparent watercolor palette of purples, yellows, and blues. The final product will have a more pronounced vintage botanical sketch feel.

red flower and green leaves traditional tattoo - Traditional tattoos. love the detail!

Pretty little black and gray flowers


Lotus Mandala Tattoo | Top 10 Lotus Flower Tattoo Designs

These 11 Floral Tattoos Are the Definition of Pretty via Brit + Co.


Flower Thigh #Tattoo