Samuel F. B. Morse (American, 1791–1872) | Portrait of Mrs. Morse and Two Children | 1824 | Oil on canvas | 43 1/4 x 34 inches | Gift of Sandra Morse Hamilton and Patricia Morse Sawyer in memory of Bleecker, Patricia, and Bleecker Morse, Jr., and through prior gift of Margaret and John L. Hoffman | 2004.58 | The artist paints a portrait of his wife and children. Motherhood according to Morse is elegant, tender and nothing short of perfect

142052 John Singer Sargent is one of the greatest and well loved portrait painters in the last 120 years or so. His technique is admired and studied by many artists. Here is a list of 9 notes attributed to him that can help any painter to paint better. The focus seems to be on portraits, …

John Singer Sargent Nonchaloir (Repose), 1911 -American"portrait" artist -Edwardian Era -Very well known for his watercolors -Master of color and illuminating light -Exaggerated colors

andre kohn

Portrait of a Mother and Child French Painter, about 1795

Night Scene, Peter Paul Rubens. Flemish Baroque Era Painter (1577-1640)

"A Moment of Affection" by John Morgan.......... Any woman that has had a child knows how quickly these precious moments pass. This art work takes you back in time with rapid response.

winter landscape by N. C. Wyeth (oil on canvas)

Yasunari Ikenaga

Giraffe portrait

oil paintings by alyssa monks

Natalie Shau

Georgia O'Keeffe (1887 - 1986, American). Trees in Autumn, 1920/21. Oil on canvas. O'Keeffe Museum, Santa Fe, New Mexico, USA,

Peter Paul Rubens, The Elevation of the Cross, c. 1610-11

Michael Carson, American Artist ~ Backstage

Natasha Milashevich (1967, Russian)

By Tracie Lyn Huskamp

Konstantin Makovsky

"Madonna and Child with St. John the Baptist" William Adolphe Bouguereau

"Just a Taste" Bouguereau

oil painting.