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Elizabeth Woodville, Queen Consort of Edward IV, was the first commoner to marry an English sovereign. Her children included the Princes in the Tower and Elizabeth of York; the latter made her the maternal grandmother of Henry VIII and great grandmother of Queen Elizabeth I.

Catherine Parr (Katherine, Kateryn, Katheryne or Kathrine); 1512[1] – 5 September 1548) was Queen consort of England and Ireland and the last of the six wives of King Henry VIII of England. She married Henry VIII on 12 July 1543. She was the fourth commoner Henry had taken as his consort, and outlived him. She was also the most-married English queen, as she had a total of four husbands.

Princess Mary aged 28, 1544 by Holbein. This is the most famous portrait of Mary and was made right after she was reinstated in the succession. Since her parents' annulment in 1533, Henry VIII would not allow any portraits to be made of his eldest daughter, despite the requests of foreign ambassadors.This portrait is inscribed ANNO DNI 1554 / LADI MARI DOVGHTER TO / THE MOST VERTVOVS PRINCE / KINGE HENRI THE EIGHT / THE AGE OF XXVIII YERES

Katherine Parr when Lady Borough, painted between 1527 and 1533. The portrait depicts her in her late teens to early 20s, dressed in the fashion of Henry VIII and Catherine of Aragon's court.

Henry Tudor, Duke of York, second son of Henry VII. Born 1491-Died 1547. He would reign after his father as Henry VIII.