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Making jewelry from CD's, stunning but too dangerous for me to make!

Made with cds - I'm not sure if these are supposed to be just for decoration, but I think they could be used for costers, too. Imagine using a small patchwork block...

Make Mosaic Mirror Frame by Old CD - not so thrilled with this but does provide an idea to cover something else with all those old CDs - outdoor table? something damaged?

Cut up an old CD and glue to clear ornament. The lights of the tree reflect off the surfaces beautifully. I knew I would find some use for all those old CDs!

Bracelet DIY, hecho de un viejo CD - imagen inspiradora de

Kids’ Photo Frames – FROM OLD CDs good ideas for any of those parent gifts we are supposed to get the kids to make

DIY Bracelet, made from an old CD but I think it would be kind of pretty to do a picture frame this way

DIY a shiny necklace from a CD (this one uses a dremmel tool with different bits to get the fine details; comments include suggestions from other DIY'ers for other ways to work this one without a dremmel)

viene cuando ellos pueden pintar (sólo un plástico) con acrílicos. Juntamos los dos plásticos y horneamos a temperatura media unos 10 minutos. Sacamos del horno y