• Isis

    peinture : portrait de Louis XI, roi de France, 1470, 15e siècle, rouge sombre

  • maurene ka

    (20) Louis Xl (the prudent) like his father...limited the power of the dukes and barons l...married Margaret of Scotland who died aged 20...in 1451 married charlotte of savoy then 8 years old ...... Perhaps, Louis XI's most significant contribution to the organization of modern state of France, was his development of the system of royal postal roads... It was this network of communications which spread all across France that led to King Louis XI's nickname of the "Universal Spider".[23]

  • Karin Vaneker

    Louis XI de France (1423-1483) Brooklyn Museum NY https://www.brooklynmuseum.org/opencollection/objects/34334/Portrait_of_Louis_XI

  • Megan McConnell

    Accessories: 15th century Fuzzy/thrummed hats on Pinterest | 17 Pins

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