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Making History: How to Antique a Mirror

Every now and then, you'll come across that perfectly-aged mirror at an antique mall, estate sale, or flea, that is marked with a not-so perfect price tag.

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How to antique a mirror [JB says--I did this on small craft store mirrors for a project. I like it, but it was a lot harder to get the paint off the backs than I thought. Also I would leave the acid on for a shorter time, then see if it needed more. I flew a little close to the sun on some of them! Last, I used a combo of antique bronze and gold spray paint for my spots.]

an overscale hand-antiqued mirror - beautiful! Not sure I'm sold on the hand-antiquing, but making this mirror on its own would be awesome.

have one just like this but gold sitting in my garage:) think I will paint it white, just gorgeous.

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Aging mirrors. M0_rect540 Rather than repainting the back, you can glue paper or fabric prints to the back that will then partially show through the mirror.

Go to a thrift store/flea market/garage sale once a week to collect the supplies to make this. I HAVE to make this!

Car mirror as makeup mirror. (Wash thoroughly with non-toxic cleaners)

Use a paper doily from the craft store as a stencil, then spray glass froster. I did this, and it turned out great. so easy!

Picture a section of a wall covered in mirror pieces...beautiful.

toy mirror: i think they just glued the toys to it and then sprayed it all. How cute