Little girls room!

italian hues. These are the colors I'm going to use in the Master bedroom. Plus small bits of black. Every room needs a little black somewhere.


I love red and turquoise together. I need to remember these neutral accents to work with them.

dripping hues I want a whole room of dripped walls. Maybe in really neutral colors and bright, solid furniture. I think that the contrast would be SPLENDID.

tiled hues

petaled pink color palette via Design Seeds... but much lighter blue (not green) and neutral walls...

This would look great in a girl's room without being too girly if you're working with a tomboy!

Blue hues

I really love this color palette.


patina hues

eroded hues

Design Seeds ❤ liked on Polyvore featuring colors, backgrounds, design seeds, color palette and colours

anemone hues

patchworked hues

animal hues

blossom hues

Design Seeds ❤ liked on Polyvore featuring design seeds, backgrounds, color palettes, colors and palettes

grecian hues -- bathroom color scheme idea

girls' room palette?