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This is one of the cooler photo collages that I've ever seen - by Matt Wisniewski, who is a self-taught artist & web developer.

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Very cool digital collages by Matt Wisniewski

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Matt Wisniewski.

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PHOTO COLLAGE by Matt Wisniewski.

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Matt Wisniewski.

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Futur Couture | Artist / Künstler: Matt Wisniewski |

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MATT WISNIEWSKI, DIGITAL COLLAGE: "visual experiments" by a web developer.

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♥ Matt Wisniewski

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digital portrait

Connors Blue

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Second Witch

Dreslyn Art

2014 Matt

matt connors, second witch’s hat, 2014.

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York 1960S

Matt at MOMA, New York, 1960s Sculpture by Germaine Richier (ca. 1950) Photo by George S. Zimbel