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    Baby koala, back off. No need to be so clingy! | 26 Baby Animals That Need To Check Themselves. SOOOOOOO CUTE!

    white baby koala

    Koala --> vale




    #Koala in a tea cup: Raymond, an #adorable joey was found abandoned beside a road in Brisbane, #Australia last month


    Sea otters holding hands

    Sleeping buddies!!

    This little kitty is so cute !!!

    this is so cute

    Boo-The worlds cutest dog. Angelina is in love with this puppy. She has two of the stuffed animals and his book. Really is the cutest dog ever.


    ✯ Happy dreams!


    Will make you say aww

    Koalas are marsupials and solitary creatures, spending most of their days comfortably lounging in trees. They usually spend between 18 and 22 hours, or about 75 percent of the day, sleeping. The extended naps help koalas conserve energy, which they need to digest their fiber-heavy diet of eucalyptus leaves.

    Aww! Tiny Tortoises Have That Just-Hatched Glow| Baby Animals, Zoo Animals

    i love koalas!