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    Great Diving Beetle caught in the old pond...a first at Woolley Firs!

    Damselfly Nymph

    Pond Skater

    Southern Hawker Dragonfly (Male)

    Water Fleas

    Dragonfly Larva

    Ramshorn Snail

    Pond Snail

    Dragonfly exuvia

    Common Blue Damselfly

    Southern Hawker Dragonfly

    Common Toad

    Common Frog

    Smooth Newt

    Water hoglouse

    Adult smooth newt

    10 week old smooth newt (newtpole)

    6 week old smooth newt (newtpole)

    3 week old smooth newt (newtpole)

    Mayfly nymph (or larva)

    Lesser water boatman

    Great diving beetle larva

    Dragonfly nymph (broad-bodied chaser)

    Back swimmer (or greater water boatman)

    Dragonfly nymph or larva