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    the pirates are always lurking, even in Supernatural posts. Its true. We are always around. <--- Yeah but so is the supernatural fandom. We are always their, watching, and waiting for the right moment to strike.

    Multiple times. Sometimes repeatedly to the same person.

    And here we have a show that can have an inside joke within itself running for 50 years.

    So sad, but true.

    The song of my people.


    Just.... Yes.

    This is fantastic! I want this

    Coulson lives.

    One of his few smiles in the whole movie - and by far the most adorable.

    one of the best Lizzie Bennet Diaries moments!

    What if David Tennant is the human version of the Doctor that is now living in Rose's parallel universe, and he's just taken the name David as his alias? He has been known to answer the question "how did you prepare for your role of the Doctor?" with "Prepare? I AM the doctor!" Guys! you KNOW that this is true :D

    This would be awesome. I fully support this. I want him in Doctor Who. He wants to do Doctor Who. This would be perfect.

    9th doctor in The Empty Child


    i think the sherlock fandom is responsible for that last comment

    This is how I feel about college.

    "'What time is it?' 'Half past Eccleston.'" <--- I repinned this for that comment.

    Vadering... hahahahaha! wanna try this! :D

    My childhood never prepared me for this...

    beautiful beautiful books

    What is a Geek? Venn Diagram.

    Oswin Oswald "I am not a Dalek." One of the saddest moments on Doctor Who. Although it will be interesting to see what Moffat has up his sleeve when it comes to bringing her back as Clara.

    If you can say this, you're one of us.

    "Don't play games with me."