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Drunken Grapes....definitely trying these!

ShowFood Chef: Drunken Grapes 1 bunch seedless grapes (green, red, or globe) 1 Package of Goat Cheese cup Pecans (toasted and chopped small) 2 cups (or more) Bourbon *optional - dash of fresh grated nutmeg

Grape Poppers:  delicious and quick to make for any party

Grape Poppers - easy to make and great for any party. Spear grape, dip in candiquik, roll in chopped pecans.

wine soaked grapes with shrimp

ShowFood Chef: Drunken Grapes with Wine Poached Shrimp - t probably doesn't come as a shock to find out that crisp Chardonnay, grapes, Herbs de Provence and large fresh lightly poached Shrimp are delicious together, right?

Pears Goat Cheese Pistachios and dried cranberries  Delicious. Next time I want to try these with a black pepper Boursin cheese for those who do not enjoy the goat cheese :)

I will eat anything with goat cheese! Pear slices with goat cheese, dried cranberries & pistachios

Garden Fresh Herbed Cucumber "Flower" Bites:    1 tsp lemon juice  1/2 tsp lemon zest  2 tbsp chopped pecans (optional)  2 tbsp mint, thinly sliced  2 tsp chopped chives  4 ounces, softened cream cheese  1/8 tsp salt  1 seedless cucumber, medium sliced into 32 rounds  3-4 medium radishes, sliced thinly into 32 rounds  kosher salt

Garden Fresh Herbed Cucumber "Flower" Bites ~ use seedless cucumber and small flower cookie cutter to make these pretty appetizers. Mix chopped mint, lemon juice, and chopped pecans into cream cheese for topping over thinly sliced radish.

Cucumber cups.. Stuff with tuna or chicken salad for parties

(luv this appetizer. You can slice the cucumber cup into small pieces to eat with the tuna or chicken.) Cucumber cups — stuff with tuna or chicken salad for a LOW CARB appetizer.

Caprese on a Stick...if it comes up with Italian use the translator on the sidebar.

Caprese Pops - Hors d'oeuvres on a stick. Scoop out the center of the cherry tomato. Scoop tiny mozzarella balls and stuff inside the tomato. Drizzle with extra virgin olive oil, sprinkle with basil and lemon zest.

Gorgeous Antipasto

This massive fruit, cheese and meat buffet is impressive to have guests make their own appetizer plates during cocktail hour. Classy and rustic at the same time.