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    What's Beautiful. Beating you at your own game. #whatsbeautiful Joanne Hunter Matthews Armour Women

    What's Beautiful. Being called an athlete above all else. #whatsbeautiful @UAWomen

    What's Beautiful. Being the one everyone else is trying to catch. #whatsbeautiful @UAWomen...this will be me someday lol

    What's Beautiful. NEVER ACCEPTING good enough. #whatsbeautiful Under Armour


    What's Beautiful. My body telling me it's time to stop. And me proving it wrong. No Matter What | Sweat Every Day #whatsbeautiful @UAWomen

    What's Beautiful. Drive. Strength. Tenacity. #whatsbeautiful @UAWomen

    What's Beautiful. Giving up giving up. #UnderArmour #whatsbeautiful @UAWomen

    What's Beautiful. Knowing progress trumps perfection. #whatsbeautiful @UAWomen

    Keep pushing!

    Be the person you look up to.

    Lindsay Vonn World Champion Downhill Skier

    What's Beautiful. Flexing your determination. #whatsbeautiful Joann Matthews Armour

    What's Beautiful. Getting to the top and wondering what's higher. #whatsbeautiful #chaarg @Under Armour Women

    What's Beautiful. KNOWING SUCCESS is covered in sweat. #whatsbeautiful Joann Matthews Armour

    Under Armour has recruited some badass women (including Misty Copeland and Lindsay Vonn) to help market their new line of women's workout gear. "I Will What I Want" - I like it. Consider my money wasted.

    What's Beautiful. GETTING UP EARLIER. Staying later. Pushing harder. #whatsbeautiful @UAWomen

    What's beautiful. Looking up to yourself.

    What's Beautiful. Knowing success is covered in sweat. No Matter What | Sweat Every Day #whatsbeautiful @UAWomen

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