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Living Alone And Loving It

Here are the things I know for sure: I sleep better with socks on; I prefer Dutch chocolate to Swiss; I look lousy in black and will always wear it anyway; and I will never, ever live with a man again.Ever since I was a small child, I've wondered why people should have to live together. It's wonderf...
  • Erica Bunger

    cuddling bed!!! via awesome inventions

  • S Ruiz

    The cuddle mattress! Random, kind of awesome, not at all hygienic. Just want to try it for a night...someone else can spend their lives cleaning the crevices... :)

  • Brittany Sperry

    The cuddle mattress. Very cool idea.

  • Gina Marie Santore

    The cuddle mattress! Great idea! This is a good idea for when my arm falls asleep when I sleep on my side, too.

  • Lynn Bettes Morris

    The cuddle mattress! I NEED THIS! Not particularly for cuddling, but my arm always falls asleep on my side. Plus, the feet position is awesome!

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