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Thumbtack decorations-I've had this one in my "To Do" folder for awhile but haven't done it yet.

Thumbtack Vase Fillers

How to Make Thumbtack Vase Fillers- These gorgeous vase fillers are created from styrofoam balls, thumb tacks, and spray paint. Come see the full tutorial to learn how to create your own.

How to Make Vase Filler (from golf balls!) ~ Madigan Made { simple DIY ideas }

How to DIY 4 different kinds of vase filler. out of golf balls!felt, tissue paper, feathers, scrap fabric cut in stips. all decoupaged. have to try with allenes glue and when dry use triple thick gloss on paper and fabric, not feathers

Fabric Decorative Vase Fillers - Landee See Landee Do

Fabric Decorative Vase Fillers

DIY decorative balls: tack ball, made with styrofoam ball and thumbtacks or twine

Tack and Twine Balls

so elegant & expensive looking, these are just styrofoam balls, twine, some thumb tacks, some hot glue & spray paint!

Styrofoam balls covered in thumbtacks...Gotta remember this for Christmas

Thumbtack Vase Fillers

DIY tutorial - thumbtack vase filler balls (styrofoam + thumbtacks + paint if you want them colored) - very cool!

DIY Decorative Balls w/ Krylon Glitter Blast (Simply Designing)

spray painted styrofoam balls with Krylon glitter blast spray paint. great for party decorations, decor, holiday ideas.

fabric scrap balls from better homes and gardens -- use your favorite fabric lines/scraps and place in a basket or bowl in the entry-way on a side table for a lovely decor piece! Mix and match swatches using one of the ornament tutorials!

Creative Crafts that Recycle

Ball of fabric. (if you wanted green/blue on tables) Group together fabric-covered balls to make a great filler for a bowl, a glass vase, or a basket. Cut fabric strips from coordinating fabrics and use glue to adhere the strips to plastic-foam balls.

Craft Foam with Thumbtacks

Craft Foam with Thumbtacks