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Our hometown!! I love the colors too. Orange is Joe's favorite (how cool is that?) and I'm thinking of using orange in our room. This is a nice shade.

Home sweet home. Grand Rapids, MI is where I am originally from. Its where I grew up and no matter where I end up in life Grand Rapids will always have a place in my heart.

The Michigan Accent & Michiganders' Slang Words- A good general guide although we don't all sound like a Canadian hick!

The Michigan Accent & Slang Words

The Michigan Accent & Michiganders' Slang Words. I hadn't realized what a strong Michigan accent I have until I saw the pronunciations written out, such as,

I am not from Michigan. I do get emotional when I see a Pure Michigan commercial. We have spent vacations in the UP since 1995.

Pure Michigan on

You Know You're From Michigan When.(I was born and raised in Michigan and when I was around 9 we moved to Georgia for two years and they would show the Pure Michigan commercials and I would get sad bc I missed Michigan and hated Georgia.


Sara Eleveld Edwards is a Michigander living in Atlanta. She spotted this cloud shaped like a mitten! Thanks for sharing!