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Lol! So true. Rainy days are my favorite days. I've been blessed that I haven't lost a piece of luggage yet. I've always had patience with tangled strings of all types, fishing line, kite strings, christmas lights... that's why I've knitted for 41 years!

Someday I'll be a 90 year old woman. With my same dirty mind and even dirtier mouth. It's going to be AWESOME. Best believe it!

Keep Calm and Polish On Art Print - Black and White Teen Girl Wall Art Bathroom Finger Nail Painter, Nail Tech Gift, Nail Salon Decor 8x10

Didn't watch or waste one minute of my time, watching the RNC. It has been covered in excess. I can't bear to hear any of the Republicans voices. Swearing doesn't help. Voting them out...that will help