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absinthius:    Wings

“Once you have tasted flight, you will forever walk the earth with your eyes turned skyward, for there you have been, and there you will always long to return.

butterfly wing

Fragile Beauty - dragonfly wing close up - delicate nature; natural surface pattern inspiration, beauty and photography, nature, schoonheid en natuur

29 padrões fractais hipnotizantes encontrados na natureza 21

29 padrões fractais hipnotizantes encontrados na natureza

Wing of a dragonfly, detail

Wing of a dragonfly, detail: Photography by Rolf Müller The wing shows a interesting structure: there are cells with a certain angle and look up Fibonacci's Fractals

via Nabokov’s Legacy: Bequeathing Butterfly Theory

The art of scientific illustration fascinates me: Nabokov's drawing of a heavily spotted Melissa Blue, overlaid with the scale-row classification system he developed for mapping individual markings. Image via The New York Public Library.

Insect wing to carve into porcelain?

Based on my first few sketches, drawing insect wings is my biggest struggle. I added this pin to my board to remind myself to practice the technique and shape shown here.

dragonfly wing | Dragonfly Wings Isolated

dry dragonfly wings isolated on white background. Ready for your photomontage projects

dragon fly

NATURE MICRO Dragonfly Wings - delicate line patterns in nature, organic inspiration Organic Shape project idea

Pinned Dragonfly by Arboris-Silvestre

The first bit for my drawing final. Coffee on canvas (with a little tea and rose petal-pigment, but the vast majority is coffee) -It looks a little flat, maybe I'll put a light cast shadow undernea.

Erika Giovanna Klien(Italy/Austria/America, 1900-1957)    Libellen  1936    Works on Paper (Drawings, Watercolors etc.)

iamjapanese: Erika Giovanna Klien(Italy/Austria/America, Libellen 1936 Works on Paper (Drawings, Watercolors etc.