How can one be lonely when he has Allah? How can one be pessimist when Allah gives glad tidings of paradise for those who repent?

I rarely see pitcured with sisters that use glasses this pic is a really nice one! And a large hijab , we got some large ones in stock now check them out at Hijabnow.

Burqa (by: Vitaliy Andreev)

Beautiful Muslim women with Niqab muslim fashion magazine beautiful gold hijab style

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How beautiful! I've always wanted to be exotic but I look more like a German haus frau


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Beautiful Hijab ♥.

Where style starts: Check out these 10 fabulous images by American based photographer Charlton Hudnell featuring a gorgeous set of veils, head wraps, and head scarves

♥Beautiful Hijab ♥.

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Veiled beauty

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Wrapped turban using a beautifully embroidered scarf #hijab #turban