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Place Value War

This is a place value war game using Uno cards. The students arrange the cards into what they believe is the highest place value, and you include speed to make it more challenging.

Zap It!! - Math Game. Another way to get students practicing facts!

Pinner wrote, "I play this in my classroom. My students BEG to play. Great way to practice basic multiplication skills. I use an empty tissue box to hold my sticks though. Young's Explorers: Zap It!

Teaching With a Mountain View: Teaching Place Value - interactive notebook freebie

Teaching Place Value

Great ideas for interactive notebooks. Free place value resources for interactive math notebooks!

Place Value Bootcamp - 1st Grade - The Brown Bag Teacher

Place Value Bootcamp - 1st Grade

Teacher Tipster (Place Value Song) "This man is amazing. He has tons a resources, songs, tips, etc. He really is amazing!

I love to use the floor for math activities to add motor activity!    stomp it! place value math game - great way to get the kids up and moving!!!

Whole Body Math Learning: Stomp It! Place Value Game

Whole Body Math Learning: Stomp It! Place Value Game from Creekside Learning. allows students to fully understand place value concepts.

Place Value: What's the Value of the Underlined Number ... Great GAME!!

Place Value: What's the Value of the Digit

Place Value of the Underlined Digit! (hundreds place and thousands place) Help your students practice expressing the value of a digit with this fun game! Students take turns choosing a card and telling each other the value of the underlined number.

place value with paint chips  #tattling to the teacher: Place Value and a Freebie

Another classroom application for paint chips, this time with a math emphasis [from Tattling To the Teacher ]. You could use larger paint chips with more variants of colors to convey larger numbers.

What Number Am I ? | Place Values, Places and Place Value Poster

What Number Am I ?

Place Value Student will write the numberal by counting the hundreds, tens, and ones cubes on the place value chart. Also posters are included of the Hundreds, Tens, and Ones cubes.

The Destitute Teacher: place value

Place value game using playing cards. Ask students to draw 2 or 3 cards and then ask them to make a number with the least or greatest value. Have the model the number with place value blocks.

Math games for kids: Uno Flip for mental maths times tables and equations. A nice, simple fun way to practice solving math equations.

Math Games for Kids: Uno Flip

Uno Flip for mental maths times tables and equations with kids. Absolutely love this we always play Uno with our children, what a great idea to mix up a math lesson in between hands!

Here's a game called Place Value Top It which is played much like war. Includes base-10 cards and directions. *FREE*

Place Value activities: FREE Place Value game: Here's a game called "Place Value Top It" which is played much like war. Includes cards and directions.

If your students are having difficulty understanding place value, these books are sure to help. Along with titles of books that address place value are some ideas on how to use them in your classroom.

Best Children's Books to Teach Place Value and Base Ten

PLACE VALUE - great books to teach place value. Cause let's be real.we need all the help we can get teaching place value. There are a ton of different books that incorporate math. These are specifically focusing on place value and base ten.