It's not my fault! Pretty much everything is so funny! I can't help it!! I'm telling the truth here

A growing baby needs plenty of exercise and time to explore. That’s why The Land of Nod’s Baby Play Mats are welcome essentials for the nursery or playroom. All of our styles are made with the coziest materials and are exclusively designed by artists. The Be On the Sea Activity Floor Mat features a bevy of marine life while the Shape Up Baby Activity Mat is topped with vibrant colors and patterns. We have a feeling your little ones won’t want tummy time to end.

Surprisingly true

MY. GAWDS.....*whispers* I thought I was the only one... but sometimes it's even cheesier when I can relate to the song and I feel like I'm in a movie/music video. Lol I share too much XD



Don't play games with people that are important to me. No room in my life for immature people and the drama that surrounds them. 😊

a lot more

When listening to music... - Funny Stuff

everybody that knows me knows this happens ALL THE TIME!!!! texts, emails, happens

I don't know why, but this is a motivator. And audio books. I can't seem to get anything done without. It's sad.

so true!

all the time...

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This is unbelievably true.