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me and my bestie were pound puppy freaks!

Pound puppies, loved mine. Looked just like him

Pound puppies! I remember  getting one for Christmas  one year..it was my favorite  toy for years!

The Original Pound Puppy. I had Cooler. And baby pound puppies. I think they were called Pound Pets or something. and there were cats.

Pound Puppies!!!! I had to save them all but I didn't like pound kitties. They could die.

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Pound Puppies  I know a 30-year-old man (you know who you are) who still sleeps with his.

I LOVVVVVVVVVED POUND PUPPIES :) It's probably part of the reason I have a rescue in adulthood now :) I had an adult pound puppy, she had a little house and dress, awww.

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Here it is! Watch Dogs fromthe The watch inside was removeable. You lifted the dog (velcro) to reveal the watch.I don't remember the watch part but I HAD that little stuffed doggie!

Pound Puppies.  I'll never forgot these because on year I asked for a dog for Christmas and I was given one of these.  His name was Spot :)

I had a solid brown Pound Puppy named Coca as well as 4 Mini Pound Puppies. They were so cute.

Pound Puppies and Pur-r-ries in all their forms

Think I might still have some in my parents attic in a box with my Popple!

Pound puppies - I had one named Toto because I was obsessed with Wizard of OZ when I was little

Toy Pound Puppy Set of Two Grey Mother and Newborn Brown with Spots Pound Puppies. I was just thinking yesterday about Pound Puppies and Pound Purries.

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