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  • Jamie Slick

    so true!! :) or a shopping cart

  • Cristina .

    Don't let people push you around. Unless you're in a wagon, 'cause that shit is fun. | Workplace Ecard |

  • Jazmin Rojas

    haha true story

  • Patty Andrus

    just because it makes me laugh....& Ive been known to ride shopping carts after Margaritas!

  • Brandy Lynn Johns

    Unless you were my little brother being pulled around by my "accident-prone" s-sister who "accidentally" stopped the wagon so suddenly that his tiny head snapped forward, whiplash style, & chipped his front tooth on the rim of his Little Red Wagon. Or did she knock it out completely? That detail eludes me, but, regardless: that was not a fun wagon ride. That wasn't fun at all. She's always been such an "innocent" b*tch.

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I laugh really hard every time I see this, so I'm gonna pin it.

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