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  • Meredith Torrisi

    Classroom Ideas - Time and clocks

  • Shelly Sinner

    no more asking me what time lunch or gym happen!!!! Love this idea for visual schedule and teaching time post a clock for each period as well!

  • Amy Platt

    Telling Time-A great visual schedule for children. Telling time on an analog clock is becoming a more difficult skill to teach!

  • Jessica Rodriguez

    Daily Schedule with Analog Clocks. This would be so useful because kids dont know how to read clothes

  • Alanda Keele

    I might just have to add this to my classroom decor.

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I can't tell you how cute this is! They have such a hard time with the long/short hand! This is a must do

important times! Love this! Would help EVERYONE, myself, kids, SUBS! I would have to add attendance! Hah!

This idea provides ways for students to get the information they’re seeking on their own {as much as possible} Younger students can be preoccupied with time – “When are we going to lunch?”, “What time is gym”, “Is it time to go home yet?”, etc. While the original design by Donna of Peace, Love and Learning is not a bulletin board, you could easily make it into one!

I have, who has? game where students have to read the analog clock to discover the correct time. Each clock is rounded to the nearest five minutes....

Help your students tell time to the nearest 5 minutes with words and numbers. Print on cardstock and laminate for durability. Post around your cl...

To make this game, you'll need to print out two game boards and then write the 12 different times two times each on the foam shapes or your own cards (so you'll have 2 sets of 12 times for a total of 24 digital times) AND you need to write "Time is Up!" on 5 shapes/cards. Students work in pairs to play and one partner pulls out a digital time and places it on the matching clock on their board.

Love this clock idea! The hour hand leaf is little and the minute hand is longer, good reference and something you already have in your classroom and use daily.

Telling time: roll dice, match time on dice to clock, state time aloud

another tool to help 1st-3rd with telling time--may be too much info for K, and is definitely too much for Pre-K, but is just right for 1st-3rd