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Previous pinner: "Super Hunger Games Problems. yep. if not, there will be thousands of angry fangirls..... and fanboys.... ha" Crazy how the book turned out ;)

hunger games problem: the last line in "Cathing Fire" better be, "Katniss there is no District I really want to see the non-book readers faces

I may be an idiot but I'm not stupid

Hunger Games Problems when someone offers you berries, ,you look at then like, "Are you trying to kill me?

hunger games problems

hunger games problems well I know that the 50 the double the kids went in but I am not sure about the

Tears. Tears streaming down my face. You can just go and take a nap and come back when you are ready to be done emotionally scarring me

I feel like if katniss hasn't volunteered, Gale would've gone in to protect Prim. So the same conversation but Gale having volunteered in Peeta's place.