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that's definitely one way to manage a New York apartment! classy, i like it. big art works on those white walls that you don't want to have to paint and then paint back the next year. :)

image is from Selina Lake’s book Bazaar Style (photography by Debi Treloar) available from Loupe Images

Vintage Kitchen Wall Art! I also love the color combos of "lagoon blue," red, and white, with the unexpected pop of mint on the ceiling....Gorgeous Room!!!!

House in Sidi Bou Said, Tunisia, once belonging to an 18th Century Lawyer is now a museum owned and run by his descendants.

Boho love! Wauw! I wanna make something like a plan about how to make this style in your home. It's amazing!

Can't figure out why I don't have a space like this in my house? This room makes my heart flutter and yet my house is so bland.

#fs4233 The books in this picture are arranged to the colors of the RGB color-wheel. It is very appealing and makes me feel creative. This looks like a bookshelf that you would find in an elementary school classroom.

LOVE that Kangaroo Vine (ciccus antarctica)! Would love to find this old house plant! Nobody has it anymore it seems. This is a picture from one of my favorite house plant books.

oh this is great. so cute and charming. i have no idea how to do so many colors without it looking like Rainbow Brite.

Imagine this in a teen girl's room. Envious.