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Highway to Heaven

Highway to Heaven (TV Series Michael Landon was always my favorite actor no matter what he was in.

BJ and the Bear!

BJ and The Bear. I used to saty up late on Friday nghts to watch this! I had a crush on Greg Evigan. I bought a red baseball cap like the Callie character!


Kate Jackson Farrah Fawcett Jaclyn Smith in Charlie's Angels ABC). Jaclyn Smith was my favorite.

the 90s life - the 90s life  Repinly Kids Popular Pins

Boy Meets World: The Complete Second Season Discs)

Knight Rider does this come on DVD? I loved this show!!!

Knight Rider - David Hasselhoff - There was a new Knight Rider in but it was canceled after one season. There was also Team Knight Rider in Both series had a character that was the offspring of Michael Knight.


WKRP in Cincinnati ... For Real This Time

WKRP in Cincinnati is back - as a tv station! WBQC-TV has changed its station name to WKRP. The station is in Cincinnati and described as a low power tv

21 Jump Street. My Pop was in a bunch of cheesy 70's & 80's TV series'

21 Jump Street with Johnny Depp - TV Show. Just STOP right now.this was on my wall with all my other Johnny Depp posters. Obvs I was going to marry him.

Had it.  Loved it.  I wonder what my kids would say if I gave them one today.  ha

Waterful Ring-Toss by Tomy. Anyone Remember This? I want this! I loved playing with this as a kid!

Television’s 15 Most Famous Dogs | The Sixth Wall Buck from Married with children

Married with Children - Love and marriage.love and marriage. Just accept it!

T.J. Hooker (1982) Poster

Hooker - Starring: William Shatner, Heather Locklear, Adrian Zmed, Richard Herd, Hal Williams and James Darren.