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Trend Rainbow Hair Colors Rainbow hairstyle should have two more colors and mix and it is a very bold style. Still the latest hair trends include wonderful examples of rainbow hairstyles look less dramatic.

Weird...but cool

20 Chicas que te servirán de inspiración para tener un cabello bicolor

Blue hair - Purple and Teal Hair. Once I was going into a store when I saw a girl with Neon green and bright green hair just like this but it was shorter than hers.

Tree -   - Apple Green   - Atlantic Blue   - Bright Daffodil   - Cerise   - Fire   - Flamingo Pink   - Fluorescent Glow   - Mandarin   - Pillarbox Red   - Plum   - Tangerine   - Turquoise

16 Insanely Gorgeous Rainbow Hair Looks That You Will Immediately Want! I would never do this but it looks awesome!

Cabello de poni.. Por que no?

I like how this ombrè is all pink but it's a cotton candy pink at the top and fades to a hotter pink at the bottom. I still don't know if I've worked up the courage to dye it all bright. - Click image to find more hair posts

Rainbow omg this is me everyday!!!!!!!!

Rainbow hair, rainbow eyeshadow, rainbow lipstick, rainbow everything! This girl is just exploding rainbow!

100931513_large_Taste_the_Rainbow_by_littlehippy.jpg (425×699)

Rainbow Hair Colour: Step by Step, DIY Guide on How To Dye Your Own Hair Bright Rainbow, Alternative and Punk Colours, From a Vidal Sassoon trained Hair Stylist on imgfave

if only you could have hair like this and not get stared at

rainbow colored hair girly hair colorful colorful hair rainbow hair pretty colorful hair I LOVE THIS SOOOO MUCH!

Rainbow pixie cut  - too bad it's a bitch to upkeep.

My new rainbow hair! Thank you Cathy Scanlon (my boss) for doing the colour and also for the birthday necklace! ♥ Want rainbow hair?