Sun setting over the ocean.

Beautiful Ocean Sunrise - Bing Images

sun on the water

Beautiful light...

All Beauty all the Time

Moonlight Reflections. Full moon, gold, red, night, clouds, water, reflection, glow. ... Seems the moon, for a brief moment, wanted to be the sun. It's a compliment, sun. Imitation is the sincerest form of flattery. - Maryanne M. Wells, author of science fiction book The Heart's Fire

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Black Sand Magic - giclee by ©Roy Tabora

Moon over Ocean

Beautiful Colours

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Sky, Sun and Sea share moments ~ Sun Orange

*In the setting sun

"What is it?" she asked. "A gateway," he answered. She reached out hesitantly, immersing her fingertips in the light. "Where to?" she whispered. The boy grinned. "Who can tell? Let's go."

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Red Sunrise in Mornin' ... 'Red sun at nite, sailors delite ... Red sun in the mornin', sailors take warnin' :)))))))

ocean wave