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Death is not extinguishing the light; it is putting out the lamp because the dawn has come. - Rabindranath Tagore

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Railroad bridge over Tombigbee River, Jackson, Alabama, USA.

"Jiancing Historic Trail, like many other trails in Taipingshan National Forest, was built along the old logging railway. The elevation of 2000m is the height at which clouds form and linger. Jiancing (見晴) actually means the wish for a clear day. For a photographer, however, there's nothing better than hiking all day in the impenetrable white mist."

Abandoned to weeds sits the old road dreams are mere seeds just waiting to grow.

Very familiar....remember balancing on one rail while walking the tracks, leaving a penny to be flattened by the train....

West Texas railroad tracks at sunset have been to Texas and the road stretches through a lot of nothing on the horizon.

The Old Railroad Bridge over the Tennessee River from Sheffield, AL looking toward downtown Florence, AL

A vida nos mostra vários caminhos. Aqueles que escolhem um caminho, no final dizem que o seu destino era aquele. Aqueles que se deixam levar pela vida muitas vezes se arrependem de não ter arriscado. Aqueles que arriscam nem sempre acertam, mas é melhor se arrepender daquilo que fez do que daquilo que não fez.

ictusinveritas: My great-grandfather was a hobo and roustabout during the Great Depression. The More You Know. (Source: myfotolog)