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Create the life you want. ♥

Us: Newlywed filmmakers traveling to bring you real love stories from couples who inspire. #blacklovematters

Weekend wonderful.

Truth. Keep your eyes and heart open. ❤️

Can't go wrong with the Os! Those smiles are infectious XOXO

Always work on it!

This writer believes marriages today just don't work. While I think that's up for debate, he makes some valid points about what's keeping us from staying connected in a relationship.....

Famous quotes -for when you need some life #motivation & inspiration!

LaLa & Carmelo Anthony with son Kiyan ♥

Couple of 73 Years Shares Advice On How They Make It Work

The Harveys are having an anniversary too! In a recent Mother's Day tribute, Steve Harvey, who has been married three times before Marjorie, has four children and said he struggled with family issues and his own fame before meeting her. “You allowed me to stop existing and start living… I was in such a dark place. I didn’t listen to music anymore.” “You gave all that back to me,” he added. The two of them are such a shining example of finding love just when you need it.

Happy 21st anniversary to these two, Rev Run and Justine Simmons!


A glowing Monica & hubby Shannon Brown ♥

Congrats to the Golden State Warriors....and the First Family of the NBA ♥. When has an NBA family been so visible and so celebrated? We can't get enough of Riley and her parents and it's beautiful!

I love this glowing couple! Like, literally. XOXO

Don't neglect yourself when you're looking for love and certainly not once you've found it! A happy, healthy you is a win for everyone! ♥

1 year since these two reunited....In their joint memoir, they left instructions for their cremation: "Whoever goes first will wait for the other," they wrote. "When we are united at last, we want the family to say goodbye and seal the urn forever. Then on the side, in letters not too bold but not too modest either, we want the following inscription: 'Ruby and Ossie — In This Thing Together.'"❤️

Neicy Nash gave her husband a shout out on #NationalBestFriendDay ♥ "Yasssss God, I thank you that my crush and my best friend are one in the same"

How's your to do list lookin? ✔️💕

Good read: The 5 Characteristics Of Couples That Last "Couples who stay together happily don't just love each other, but they actively appreciate each other. I don’t care what Disney says: love is not enough."

1 year of marriage and baby #2 is on the way for these two.

Engaged! Nia Long and longtime boyfriend San Antonio Spurs coach Ime Udoka are getting married!

"A lot of men say your life is over once you get married. But when marriage is something you've looked forward to and always wanted, your life begins again."💕 - Lance Gross, who recently married his love, Rebecca Jefferson #swoon #blacklovematters #lovestories #love #HU #bison #beautiful #couture