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  • Lavendia

    George Washington's Original Thanksgiving Proclamation - First Thanksgiving Proclamation

  • Inspiration Cottage

    Happy Thanksgiving: George Washington Told You To! | Proclamation for the original thanksgiving.

  • Mary Hanson

    George Washington's original Thanksgiving Proclamation. If you've never read it, I recommend that you do, then reflect and give thanks to Almighty God.

  • حكمة

    President Washington's Original 1789 Thanksgiving Proclamation * Thanking Almighty GOD! *

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George Washington. This picture reminds me of a little poem I learned in 3rd grade. "George Washington the story goes, chopped down the cherry tree. His father said "Who did it son?" And George said, "Me." "Who would like to grow up President first in his countrys' heart? Maybe being truthful is the way to start."

George Washington, born February 22, 1732 ~ First President of the United States of America

Washington. What would the Father of our Country say today? Remember he worked very hard for Freedom and Liberty?

George Washington (Just found out that he is related to us through both my maternal and paternal grandmothers-KR)

George Washington quotation,(likely to be removed from history records so that it doesn't offend anyone...)

Second Amendment.....but according to Obama...this guy is old and probably wouldn't feel the same way if he was alive today. Disrespect through utter arrogance.

GW - Free press and an armed public. Notice the word disciplined. That's what's missing from our indignation around the 2nd amendment.

Americans have never been sheep. One King made that mistake. Let us pray we never have a President that thinks to make that mistake. Interpretation: Don't Tread On Me!

George Washington's birthday postcard