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Prior to the wedding, the bride & groom wrote a letter to each other. During the ceremony, they put the letters into a box containing 2 bottles of wine and symbolically hammered it shut. If their marriage ever endured serious hardships in the future, they promised to sit down together, drink the wine and read the letters that reminded them of how much they loved each other on their wedding day. What a beautiful idea.

This is such a sweet idea! bride and groom place letters to each other inside a crate with 2 bottles of wine. They nailed the box shut vowing that if they ever had hard times, they would open the box, read the letters, and drink the wine together.

100 Sentimental Wedding Ideas You'll Want to Steal | Bridal Guide

100 Sentimental Wedding Ideas You'll Want To Steal

Let your guests take a “blast through the past” of your family history by displaying family wedding photos or other memorable pictures at your reception. I dont like the table idea but would be cute in an old window or picture frame.

@mikaellabridal | Beautiful encouraging #worddecoration from Real #Bride Katelyn's #weddingday!

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Plan on making a mailbox like in the "Up" movie to collect cards at the wedding reception

We had this on the gift table for Cards! Buy a white mailbox, paint your names and put your handprints on it, tie a few balloons to it, and use it in place of a card box on the gift table. Love that! So much cuter than a gift wrapped box.

Unity wine This is your first toast to each other as husband and wife! Two small carafes of red and white wine rest beside a wine glass, and the bride and groom pour them together to make a rose-colored wine. The red wine symbolizes passionate love and health, while the white wine symbolizes strength and longevity. You drink to your future! photographed by Sarah Lyn Photography | The Pink Bride www.thepinkbride.com

Unique Unity Ceremony Ideas for Your Wedding

love this quote

Rose petal toss, instead of rice or faux stuff: PERFECT SAYING: "After the big kiss, be ready for this; the couple will smile as they walk down the aisle. And that is your cue to toss high in the air; these petals of love for this happiest pair!

LOVE it! Throw sprinkles instead of rice. Although I've never been to a wedding where rice was thrown...

They say, throw sprinkles instead of rice for weddings.the pictures turn out amazing. I LOVE SPRINKLES! how perfect. I want this picture with his hands under mine and our rings sitting in the sprinkles!

I just teared up. I seriously wish I could hang this on my wall.

Love it for a wedding or anniversary party :) Guests write advice on a chalkboard and take a picture. Kinda like a photobooth :)