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That would be amazing

"There are only three words a girl ever wants to hear a handsome stranger say to her I'M THE DOCTOR" This is very true!


A Doctor Who themed onesie I made for my friend and her son Alfie. << I sure as heck hope my future husband likes doctor who.

percy jackson ask the seven - Google Search

And then people wonder why I'd rather date a fictional book character.

Thank you, transgender allies <<< this is amazing

Thank you, transgender allies <<< this is amazing<<<I'm not trans but I will stand by you and help you feel valid

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ah Rose Tyler c': her character is amazing!

I love and hate this. Love because it says so much about what the form chosen by the Moment meant to the Doctor. Hate because the Moment didn't chose Rose, folks, the Moment chose the Bad Wolf. It flat out said "In this form I'm called Bad Wolf.

Nobody can tell him that tenrose for life

Brilliant theory from "Not Some New Man: The Hidden Pattern Behind the Doctor’s Regenerations". i love the Doctor, and Rose.


Use this but make the balloon helium and she and her friends were suckong the helium to make tgeir voices weird and she accodentally sucks in the rong and starts choking she goes to the hospital and he meets her there and asks again

The Doctor knows what he's talking about. The video from which this is taken (shut gour mouth) is wonderful. I ain't bovvered!

The Doctor vs. Bones…

Bones vs Doctor Who. Emma this is u and me. Logic and crazy. Mysteries and sic fi. Bones and dr who. We both only watch one tv show